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Protect Your Home & Health by Getting a Mold Inspection

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Here in Hawaii, mold is a part of life — being particularly common here due to our high humidity levels. If your property has any of the following conditions, arranging a mold inspection is most likely a good idea:

  • A damp or musty smell
  • Water stains
  • Discoloration
  • Growth appearing on the walls and ceilings
  • Leaking pipes, drains, or faucets
  • A rusty or damaged roof

None these issues are signs you should ignore. Ignoring mold growth could lead to both structural damage to your home as well as damage to your health, before you know it. 

SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui offers 24-hour emergency mold remediation. Just as mold never takes a day off — being able to develop in as little as 48 hours after water damage — neither do our mold remediation technicians. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, rely on your locally owned and operated professionals to eliminate mold, save your belongings, improve your air quality, and eliminate bad odors. Call us today to address your mold problem: (808) 329-6560.

What Is Mold?

Mold is everywhere — in your carpet, in the air, outside, in your vents, and on your clothes. Normally, it’s not much of a problem for us, serving a role in the world’s ecosystem, breaking down organic matter and recycling it into their base material; contributing to nature’s life cycle. Mold spores can become a problem in your home or office when there is moisture build-up. When exposed to water, mold reproduces rapidly and can create colonies that can have negative impacts on the structure of your home and health. Mold spores can trigger health effects for everyone on the property. Mold may be a particularly significant health risk for the elderly, children, and anyone with respiratory problems. 

Besides its health and structural risks, mold also can create very unpleasant odors. Since the average humidity levels in Hawaii are 63%, and mold tends to start to grow at humidity levels above 45%, it’s a good idea to keep humidity below 45% indoors, if possible. 

How to Address Your Mold Problem

You can reduce humidity levels in your home with a dehumidifier, but not everyone has such a luxury. When it comes to mold formation in your home, it’s best to rely on professional mold remediation experts to deal with the growth. Avoid touching or disturbing the mold, and don’t attempt to try the area yourself or spray it with any chemicals. All you should do is avoid the affected areas, turn off your HVAC systems and fans, and contact SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui to come by for mold remediation services.

If you suspect your home has a mold problem, SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui is here to help. Our locally owned mold remediation company has the experience, training, and equipment to comprehensively manage your mold problem. 

Call us at (808) 329-6560 to get started!

How to prevent mold tips

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Mold can be very irritating, those that are allergic or sensitive will have most severe reactions to it. Financially it is a costly problem to eradicate, as well. Mold is also everywhere (to some extent), it is most obviously present in Brie cheese but lets keep it just in there. Mold requires only moisture to grow, with that in mind, most prevention will focus on minimizing the presence of humidity inside. Ideally, we want to keep the humidity below 60%, some states are much drier but here in Hawaii the humidity is always above 50% making perfect conditions for mold to grow. Things to pay attention: most importantly, leaks need to be mitigated and all areas kept dry at all times. Anywhere you can spot a wet area, condensation on the bathroom ceiling or a window, the source of that needs to be tracked and eliminated. All areas of the house need to be ventilated frequently and checked for leaks and moisture needs to be dried. We also need to make sure that outside of the home has minimal water presence, check gutters, all standing water need to be directed away from the house. Those few steps are basic tips to prevent mold, especially here in our local Hawaiian climate where they need to be addressed regularly. If mold will grow regardless of your efforts, we are happy to help here at SERVPRO of Hawaii.

Mold Celeb

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

In the 90s, mold became the Cause Celeb, especially that strain of “Black” mold, Stachybotrys, that struck fear in the hearts of thousands of Americans.  Even though that hysteria has passed, it is no joking matter to have mold growing in your home.  It is true that mold spores are everywhere, but for mold to grow you have to have two things: 1) food, and 2) water.  There is very little you can do to remove all “food” sources in a house, but you can eliminate the water factor.  When you have a water loss, it is incredibly important to completely dry the affected area so mold will not grow. If you try to take care of it yourself, you run the risk of giving mold a chance to infiltrate your house deeper.  Don't risk that, call SERVPRO of Hawaii at 808-329-6560, and make sure your house is dry. 

Mold testing

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

apartment interior with mold test kit, a pump on the table and the tripod with sample Mold Test Kit.

Over the weekend we were called to do a mold test in a remote location in Hawi. House was a few miles from the town, up on the hill with beautiful views of local pasture fields. It was also recently remodeled, with new fixtures and modern design, very attractive rental property. Before the renters moved in, the house was unoccupied and most likely with a limited air flow, closed doors and windows. We were called to do a mold test because the renter has a mold allergy. First remedy offered by the property owner was a deep cleaning, that did not help much because the cleaners used bleach, which is not effective in remediating mold. The renter continued to have adverse reactions to mold and we were called. We performed an air test. Before we will draft a protocol for mold remediation few tips on how to avoid it in the future. Hawaii has a lot of vacations rentals and "snow birds" condos, which are not always occupied. That vacancy combined with high humidity creates a perfect environment for mold. To minimize the likelihood of mold, every property should be frequently aired and checked for leaks. If you can't avoid mold or if you're not sure if you have it, SERVPRO is a licensed company to test and remediate mold. We are happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the process.