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Most Common Types of Water Damage

Most Common Types of Water Damage

Don't let these common types of water damage cause you trouble.

bathroom completely damaged with fire

Electrical Fire in Bathroom

Residential home had an electrical fire in the second floor bathroom that roared throughout the whole house. The beams in the house as you can see, were charred completely. Soot damage covered walls, ceilings, and personal belongings. No job is too hard for SERVPRO of Hawaii.

storage unit damaged with fire

Fire Damage in Storage Facility

A storage facility in Kailua Kona had extreme fire damage to its units.  We needed all hands on deck to remove all of the debris left over from the roaring fires. Both, removal and then structural cleaning were complicated and time taking. 

Storm mitigation equipment deployed to a hospital

Storm Equipment

SERVPRO of Hawaii was called after a rain event, where storm flooding happened. We have plenty of equipment and manpower to handle any size water or fire loss. Let us know if you have any questions. 

thermal camera view of a water affected wall

Extreme Storm Water Damage in Home

This is our thermal camera detecting severe water damage in a wall. This home had a lot of rain storm damage and our team was quick to identify and start working on a solution to prevent secondary damages. 

kitchen with massive water damage and dryer set in place

If your kitchen gets water damage, SERVPRO can help 24/7

This kitchen in Kailua Kona had a massive amount of water that poured out of a broken pipe. SERVPRO of Hawaii was quick to respond and begin the water extraction process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

laundry room water damage with cut out holes to have pipe access

Laundry room water damage restoration

If you have water damage in your laundry room from a washing machine hose, SERVPRO of Hawaii is able to help immediately. Our team will be onsite to begin the water damage extraction process, as well as getting the necessary equipment in place. Better results with faster response. 

Warehouse with equipment stocked up

Water mitigation equipment ready to be dispatched

Water damage on the Big Island calls for quick action to minimize secondary damages. This is why SERVPRO of Hawaii maintains trucks loaded with water damage restoration equipment ready to be dispatched on a moment’s notice. We have crews and equipment ready 24/7 to respond to our customer’s emergencies.

numerous water drying equipment in the warehouse

Stocked and Ready

We always make sure our technicians have the equipment they need when responding to your mold loss situation. From fans to air scrubbers and everything else that might be needed, you can be sure that our technicians are ready with the right equipment to take care of the mold.

air scrubber cleaning air in the office

Odor removal in office space

In this picture we are using an air scrubber to help remove excess moisture from this office. However, these air scrubbers are equipped with more than one type of filter, including a carbon filter, which also removes odor.

Commercial space with falling ceiling due to a water damage

Commercial Water Damage

A property in Waikiloa experienced significant water damage and needed our help. Our experts arrived quickly to assess the damage. We created a restoration plan, and we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Hawaii has the equipment and expertise to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Wall affected with fire and soot

Fire Affected Area

Fire is dangerous and disastrous! SERVPRO of Hawaii is ready help when disaster occurs!  This fire loss was severe and our fire restoration professionals were able to help this customer make it "Like it never even happened."

drying mat with equipment covering the floor

Drying Mats on Wood Floor

When you have a water loss in your business, the water can seep through the slats in your wood floor and become trapped underneath. In order to protect from it, we use drying mats like these to help extract that water so your business can be back online in no time.

white ceiling with a water bubble on it being held by paint

Ceiling Bubble

The bubble in the ceiling of this Waikiloa home is a sure sign that there is a water leak in the roof after a torrential storm. It is amazing how strong latex paint can be. Roof is a first thing that needs to be addressed and then SERVPRO can fix the ceiling mitigating any potential storm water damage.

Drying equipment set up in an apartment facing a front window

Drying Equipment On Storm Loss

When this home experienced a storm water intrusion from heavy rains, our team was called in to clean up and repair the damage. We brought in the equipment you see pictured here to help speed up the drying process.

Variety of green SERVPRO vehicles with services listed below

Spectrum of Response Vehicles

SERVPRO is a recognizable brand with green vehicles running around town. Those vehicles, are not just advertisement, thank to our fleet we are able to quickly respond to any size disaster directing all sort of resources, whether it is personnel, vehicles, equipment and/or technology.

Classroom with air movers and a dehumidifier next to a small vanity

Classroom Mitigation After an Immediate Response

Classroom was covered with water after one of the knobs failed and broke. We were called shortly after and responded immediately to a local school right next to our historical Church. Quick response allowed us to dry the carpet and reuse it, thanks to it the damage was minimal and kids could back to class soon after. Quick response minimizes your damage.

vanity knobs with one broken laying to the side

Vanity Knob Broke in a Classroom

We were called on an emergency to a school right by a local Church here in Kona to mitigate a water damage. Water was spraying all over the classroom once the knob was broken after a lost battle with school children. Thanks to a quick call and our immediate response, the damage was minimal and kids could go back to the classroom shortly after.

living room carpet with water stains all throughout

Living Room Floor After Water Leak

When your living room carpet has been affected with a prolonged water leak and you face a view like this on the picture, SERVPRO is here to help you to mitigate that. We respond quickly and with the latest in technology (dehumidifiers) in just about days your place will be dry and ready for reconstruction. 

Kitchen area with fallen ceiling due to water damage

Kitchen Affected with Leaking Water

Plumbing inspections are strongly recommended and a result of neglecting your water system can be extensive besides expensive. The owner of this property left this unattended for 3 months leaving it with a small leak. Damage, which most likely will not be covered by the insurance will cost in the neighborhood of 50 to 70 thousands of dollars. Be safe and inspect your water system frequently.

apartment interior with dining set and a kitchen in the background

Condo Sewage Backup

SERVPRO of Hawaii was called to clean up a sewage backup in a multi-unit condo building. The most common problems after a sewer backup are mold and bacteria. We disinfected the flooring and sealed the stud walls with an anti-microbial coating. Once it was done, it was "Like it never even happened."

kitchen with sink, fridge, dishwasher and a window in the center

If You Have a Fire in Your Home

If you have a fire in your home, SERVPRO Hawaii can help with any size fire loss. In most situations, there will be significant smoke damage. SERVPRO will come on site and start walking the home to determine the best course of action to get it back to pre-fire condition.

commercial kitchen floor with standing water

Large Commercial Water Loss

If you experience a large water loss in your place of business it is important to get SERVPRO of Hawaii on site immediately. Moisture that is not dealt with quickly can cause secondary damage such as mold to occur.

toilet tank with a crack and leak

Cracked Toilet Tank

Most recent call on a water damage caused by a tiny crack in the toilet tank. Damage could be minimal if noticed early, but the owners did not attend the house from Thanksgiving until the Valentines Day, during that time the damage spread to most of the house. Which is why we recommend to shut the water if you are planning to leave the property unattended for 48 hours or more.

Gentleman in a biohazard suit attaching a plastic sleeve onto an air cleaner

Biohazard Technician

At SERVPRO we train thoroughly all of our Technicians is mitigating biohazardous waste. We have the experience and the equipment to handle any issue threatening human or environment, call us for more information and be safe.  

3 green painted SERVPRO vehicles parked outside a home

Emergency Service

SERVPRO of Hawaii's response vehicles. Our fleet consists of few various types of vehicles to be able to quickly respond to all sort of emergencies through out the whole Island.

stripped living of the home filled with air driers

The 6 Million Dollar home

This Kukio home suffered a large top down water loss. Regardless of your home value water damage is still a very treacherous experience. Quality of used materials does help since we can recover a solid wood from a water damage in comparison to particle board.

Front of the house with fire damaged garage door and a burnt mercedes inside

Car Fire in Keauhou

This Mercedes caught fire in its garage causing severe damage to a beautiful condo complex in Keauhou. Car maintenance is as important as house maintenance, always use licensed and trusted electricians.

Living room with water sucking equipment set up

Our New Desiccant Dehumidifier

Perfect job for the latest addition to our fleet of awesome high-tech drying equipment. SERVPRO has trained and experienced technicians equipped with the most current technology to contain any emergency.

3 green SERVPRO vehicles parked outside a business

Emergency service after the storm

SERVPRO of Hawaii's vehicles during an emergency response operation in Kailua Kona. Initial response is very important and requires extensive labor and equipment in order to minimize the further loss.

interior of a home stripped and with several air dryers and dehumidifier

The 6 Million Dollar home

This Kukio home suffered a large top down water loss which resulted in floor, partial wall and ceiling removal. Once we have cleared the space of all affected material we had run our drying equipment for several days to make sure all the nooks and crannies were dry.

Front of the house with burnt garage door, car in the garage also burnt and debris all around

Car Fire in Keauhou

This Mercedes caught fire in its garage causing severe damage to a beautiful condo complex in Keauhou. Car maintenance should be done by professionals because home mechanics can unintentionally create a fire hazard.

home interior with drying equipment set up through out

Our new desiccant dehu in a rental property

Perfect job for the latest addition to our fleet of awesome high-tech drying equipment. Equipment makes all the difference, without overlooking our highly trained and professional staff of course. Solid wood in the picture above was dried and moisture sucked up using our most advanced technology in water mitigation.