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How to Avoid Water Damage During Major Storms

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

From June 1st till November 30th, tropical hurricanes are in-season off the coast of Hawaii. Throughout the hurricane season (as well as for the off-season, when hurricanes can still occur), residents of Hawaii are advised to stay informed and have a plan of action for the eventuality of a storm. One part of that plan is preparing your home for potential water damage.

The most important parts of planning for a storm are emergency evacuation plans and having enough supplies. 

  • Have a personal/family emergency plan in place, where you know what to do and where to go in an emergency
  • Have an emergency kit with enough supplies for two weeks. For helpful guidelines for creating your kit, visit health.hawaii.gov

However, after emergency preparation is in place, it’s important to secure your home from the more common occurrence of water damage. In today’s guide, we will be going over some ways you can avoid water damage to your home during major storms in Maui. Yet sometimes, despite your best efforts, water damage still occurs from a storm. If your home has been damaged by a storm, leak, or has suffered some other form of water damage, contact SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui to get storm damage cleanup and restoration services

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5 Ways to Avoid Water Damage in Your Hawaii Home

Storms cause damage to your home in two separate ways — through water, and through wind. Water damage from storms can occur directly through rain or through the sewer system becoming flooded, leading to water seeping into your property in all sorts of different ways. Here’s what you can do to reduce the impact of storms on your home:

#1: Caulk Around Windows & Doors

The wind from storms can lead to a surprising amount of force — so much so that it actually can push water in through all sorts of small cracks and holes around your windows and doors. One simple and effective way of preventing this is to apply a layer of caulk around all potential gaps in your home. 

#2: Repair Problems with the Foundation

If your foundation has cracks or holes, it can lead to water damage getting in your basement, your crawlspace, and other parts of your home. It’s easy to forget about these areas, which is even worse, as it can mean you leave the water undetected in them for long periods of time, leading to all sorts of potentially serious foundational damage. It’s a good idea to get your foundation inspected regularly for cracks and holes, and get them fixed before the next big storm hits. 

#3: Secure Your Property 

Keep your gutters clear and secure outdoor furniture and other belongings in a secure location. In severe storms, all these materials can be blown away or into your home, causing first direct property damage and often expensive water damage as well. If a storm is imminent, make sure you place your patio furniture and other loose items in secure locations where they won’t be able to cause damage or get blown away. 

#4: Move Any Items Easily Damaged By the Storm Above Flood Level

Move any and all items that could easily be damaged out of harm’s way. This may include items such as important paperwork, electronics, and so on. If the storm is extreme, it may be a good idea to have a separate location to store important valuables, so they don't get damaged. As an extra warning, don’t store important documents in your basement! If the basement floods, they easily can be irreversibly damaged. 

#5: Shut Off At-Risk Electronics

Any electronic devices or electrical services that could become underwater during a storm, turn them off! Doing so may be moderately inconvenient for the time being, but the damage to your electrical system by water can be extreme. Electronics such as printers and computers should be elevated. 

After the Storm

Following the aforementioned tips can help keep your home safe from water damage during a flood. However, sometimes despite your best efforts, extreme weather can lead to water damage in your home. When that happens, SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui is here to help. We offer residential and commercial storm damage repair, restoration, and cleanup services. Floods and storms don’t only hit between 9 and 5, so we make ourselves available 24/7 for rapid response to your location. 

SERVPRO of Hawaii/Maui is a trusted leader in the water restoration industry, and has the experience and resources to get your property dry and back to its pre-storm condition. Learn more about our water damage restoration techniques here. If you are in Kailua-Kona or anywhere else in Maui and would like to hire a locally owned water restoration company, contact us online or at (808) 329-6560 today!

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